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What Does Car Warranty Not Cover?

Wondering what does car warranty not cover? Car warranties can save you from substantial repair bills, but they have key exclusions that can catch you off guard.

What Does an Auto Warranty Cover?

Understanding auto warranties, clear-cut answer to what does an auto warranty cover.

Common Exclusions in Powersports Warranties

Powersports warranties may seem like a promise of peace of mind, yet they come with specific boundaries. Are you aware of what’s not covered? Uncover the common exclusions in powersports warranties here, and learn why certain damages, maintenance needs, and modifications unexpectedly won’t be covered. This insight arms you with the knowledge to navigate your […]

Types of Coverage Included in a Powersports Warranty

What does a powersports warranty typically cover? Whether it’s your motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile, key protections such as repair costs, parts replacements, and emergency support are often included. This guide details the types of coverage included in a powersports warranty, giving you clarity on what to expect when securing your vehicle. Key Takeaways Understanding Powersports […]

What Is a Powersports Warranty

If you own a motorcycle, ATV, or any other recreational vehicle, you’ve likely heard of a powersports warranty. But what is a powersports warranty exactly? It’s a plan designed to shield you from the expense and hassle of unexpected repairs due to mechanical or electrical failures. In this article, we’ll dissect what these warranties cover, […]

What Does a Motorcycle Warranty Cover?

Are you asking yourself, ‘what does a motorcycle warranty cover?’ Look no further. This article unpacks the coverage details of a motorcycle warranty, including the essentials—engine, transmission, and electrical systems—while clearly outlining the boundaries of factory and extended warranties. Dive in as we delineate the specifics that keep your bike protected, without the fluff. Key […]

Understanding the Types of Motorcycle Warranties

Choosing the right type of motorcycle warranty can be as critical as selecting the bike itself. From new bike warranties to pre-owned and extended options, this article clearly defines the types of motorcycle warranties, ensuring you understand the coverage, limitations, and perks of each so you can ride with confidence. Key Takeaways Decoding Motorcycle Warranty […]

What is Tire and Wheel Coverage

Tire and wheel coverage protects your vehicle’s tires and wheels from damage resulting from road hazards

Tips for Finding the Right Warranty for Your Powersports Vehicle

Selecting the right warranty for your powersports vehicle can be as important as the vehicle itself. Whether it’s a motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile, our straightforward “tips for finding the right warranty for your powersports vehicle” will help you find a warranty that offers the protection you need at a cost that makes sense for you. […]

What Is a Motorcycle Warranty

What is a motorcycle warranty, and why should you care? It’s a manufacturer’s safeguard, repairing or replacing parts on your bike that fail under warranty terms. In this article, we’ll clarify different warranty types, what they cover, and tips for selecting one that matches your riding lifestyle. Learn how to ensure peace of mind on […]

What Does an RV Warranty Cover?

When you’re cruising in your recreational vehicle (RV), an unexpected breakdown can stop you in your tracks. An RV warranty is your safety net, but what does an RV warranty cover? At its core, an RV warranty covers mechanical and electrical failures, protecting key components like your engine, transmission, and HVAC system. It’s a distinct […]

Extended RV Warranties vs Manufacturer Warranties

Choosing between extended RV warranties vs manufacturer warranties can be a pivotal decision for RV owners. This article cuts through the complexity, highlighting the essential differences that will affect long-term satisfaction and financial well-being. Without delving too deep into details reserved for the main body, expect a straightforward breakdown of each warranty type’s pros and […]

RV Warranty Scams to Avoid

Concerned about RV warranty scams to avoid? We’ll show you the red flags and how to sidestep these costly pitfalls so you can hit the road with peace of mind. Key Takeaways Understanding RV Warranty Scams RV warranty scams are a growing concern as they exploit vehicle owners’ fears of expensive repairs by offering fake […]

How to Choose the Right RV Warranty

When it’s time to choose an RV warranty, the stakes are high, and the options can be dizzying. How to choose the right RV warranty for your needs doesn’t have to be a leap of faith. Our guide is designed to streamline your decision-making process, focusing on what matters most. Dive in as we outline […]

What is an RV Warranty?

Ever wondered what is an RV warranty? Simply put, it’s a plan that covers certain costs if your recreational vehicle encounters mechanical failures. Unlike insurance, an RV warranty specifically caters to the inner workings of your RV, ensuring you’re not out of pocket if systems and components go awry. This article will give you a […]

Decoding the Fine Print: The Importance of Reading Your Auto Warranty Contract

Are you fully aware of the coverage and limitations laid out in your auto warranty contract? This oft-overlooked document is key to avoiding costly repairs and navigating ownership challenges. The importance of reading your auto warranty contract cannot be overstated, as it directly affects your pocket and offers peace of mind. With this guide, you’ll […]

How to Make a Claim on Your Auto Warranty Successfully

Need to file an auto warranty claim but unsure where to start? This article simplifies how to make a claim on your auto warranty, ensuring you have the know-how to efficiently manage this process with confidence. We’ll guide you through gathering documentation, contacting the right entities, and securing claim approval – all with zero fluff. […]

Understanding the Key Factors That Affect Auto Warranty Costs

When it comes to factors that affect auto warranty costs, several factors are at play. Vehicle make and model, age and mileage, coverage specifics, deductible, coverage duration, and the warranty provider shape these expenses. This article explores each of these elements to shed light on what dictates the amount you’ll pay for coverage, equipping you […]

Understanding the Difference Between Auto Warranties and Insurance

What’s the difference between auto warranties and insurance? Simply put, warranties cover vehicle malfunctions and defects during a specific period, while insurance offers financial aid in accidents or theft. This piece will help you navigate these crucial forms of vehicle protection, highlighting when and how each applies to you and your car. Key Takeaways Navigating […]

Top Auto Warranty Companies in the Market: Reliable Coverage Leaders of 2024

Looking for the top auto warranty companies in the market? We’ve done the legwork and pinpointed the 2024 industry leaders that shine in customer satisfaction, transparency, and versatile coverage solutions. Discover the standout options in today’s saturated warranty landscape without the hassle. Key Takeaways Top Picks: Leading Auto Warranty Companies of 2024 As 2024 unfolds, […]

Top 7 Common Misconceptions About Auto Warranties:

Misplaced trust in auto warranty myths could be driving your decisions in the wrong direction. This article reveals the common misconceptions about auto warranties, from misconstrued coverage to wasted investment fears. Cut through the noise and grasp the essentials of warranty wisdom without the fluff, as we debunk the myths that might be misleading you. […]

How to Choose the Right Auto Warranty for Your Car

How to choose the right auto warranty depends on understanding your vehicle’s specific needs and the credibility of warranty providers. In this concise guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps—from analyzing your car’s age and mileage to comparing warranty policies and payment plans—so you can confidently invest in the warranty that suits your car, […]

The Top Benefits of Purchasing an Auto Warranty

Is an auto warranty a smart financial move? Securing an auto warranty can guard against expensive repair costs and boost your car’s resale value—a reassuring thought for any car owner. In this article, we unpack the tangible benefits of purchasing an auto warranty, such as cost savings, enhanced flexibility, and those unexpected extras that could […]

Understanding the Different Types of Auto Warranties

Selecting the right auto warranty requires understanding the different types of auto warranties available. Factory warranties, extended warranties, and specialized coverage each offer distinct benefits. This guide will explore the nuances of these options, helping you navigate the types of auto warranties landscape to find the best fit for your car’s protection needs. Key Takeaways […]

A Guide to Understanding Auto Warranties

Wondering what’s actually covered under your auto warranty? You’re not alone. Understanding auto warranties doesn’t have to be daunting. Our guide provides clear, concise insights into what warranties typically include (and exclude), the differences between standard and extended warranties, and tips on keeping your coverage valid. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be better prepared to […]

Top Reason Auto Warranty Claims Are Denied

If you’ve ever wondered why auto warranty claims get denied, you’re not alone. This article dives straight into the top reason auto warranty claims are denied, providing you with the knowledge needed to avoid common mistakes and make the most of your warranty. Stay informed and prepare to protect your right to claim. Key Takeaways […]

Are Car Warranties Transferable? Your Guide to Auto Warranty Laws

There are more than 253 million cars, trucks, and SUVs in use in the United States. And many of those cars have warranties protecting their owners from costly repairs. But what happens when you decide to sell your car? Are car warranties transferrable to the new owner or do they expire as soon as you transfer the […]

Extended Warranty Definition: What It Is and What It Does

Vehicle ownership is pricey. Even after you’ve paid for gas and insurance, you have licensing fees and more. One cost you might overlook is maintenance and repairs for your car. Americans spend around $850 per person maintaining and repairing their car each year. You can probably think of a few other things you could do with […]

What Is a Vehicle Service Contract? All You Need to Know

The average cost of a used vehicle in the U.S. in 2016 was $19,189. Most used cars are either no longer under the manufacturer’s warranty or have only a few years left. If you’re purchasing one from a dealership, you’re going to be offered an extended warranty, or vehicle service contract. This is not just a […]

Your Guide to How to Find the Best Extended Car Warranty

Many a great life lesson has been learned when buying a car: Finance, bargaining, research, and even decision-making. But how do you know if you’ve made the right decision when it comes to protecting yourself and your vehicle? The best extended car warranty is: The best extended auto warranty will essentially guarantee both service and […]

Vehicle Service Contracts: Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

Should I buy an extended warranty? That’s a question everyone asks of themselves when buying a new car from a dealership. Whether the car is hot off the assembly line, or it’s a used car that’s new-to-you, the warranty question will always pop up. Yes, it will cost extra money – but is it worth […]

15 Questions to Ask Before Taking out a New Car Extended Warranty

Buying a new car is a major investment. Once you’ve decided on the car you want, the dealership will offer to sell you an extended warranty. But is this something you really need? A new car extended warranty isn’t cheap, but it could save you a lot of headaches down the road. These contracts are […]