Your Guide to How to Find the Best Extended Car Warranty
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Your Guide to How to Find the Best Extended Car Warranty

Many a great life lesson has been learned when buying a car: Finance, bargaining, research, and even decision-making.

But how do you know if you’ve made the right decision when it comes to protecting yourself and your vehicle?

The best extended car warranty is:

  • affordable with a low monthly fee,
  • useful and guaranteed,
  • and makes you feel protected if your car breaks down.

The best extended auto warranty will essentially guarantee both service and repairs on your new car purchase, even after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

So, how do you choose the best extended warranty?

We are here to help!

The Best Extended Car Warranty

Warranties are usually offered to car buyers when they purchase their car. These, usually from the dealer or car manufacturer, are not extended warranties. They are called factory warranties, and they have an expiration date — usually between three and five years or up to 100,000 miles.

If you choose a factory warranty, that’s fine — but there are parts of your car it might not cover, and your luck might run out once your car racks up miles and age.

That’s where extended auto warranties become viable. You can usually buy these at the time of purchase of your car, or just before or after your factory warranty runs out.

The best extended auto warranty companies are those that offer affordable full coverage for your vehicle as it ages.

Semantics Matter

While everyone calls them extended warranties, watch out for your paperwork. Technically speaking, only the manufacturer can offer a warranty. The best extended car warranty is actually more of a service plan — often called a vehicle service contract.

Don’t be afraid to ask your chosen service provider if they use “extended warranty” as a shortcut. They will know you mean business, and that you aren’t about to get scammed!

Low Monthly Fee

We know you’re on a budget, especially if you just paid a hefty down payment on your brand new or used car.

There’s no need to get roped into high monthly fees when you’re looking for the best extended car warranty companies.

You’d better believe there’s a perfectly good extended warranty out there for all pocketbooks. If your car dealer or another company is trying to “hard sell” you with no room for negotiation, back off until you find a better deal or a more honest salesperson.

Be Real: Can You Afford the Best Extended Car Warranty?

House payments, car payments, taxes, and family expenses can all take a major cut in your income. And people who rent apartments and homes often pay half of their salary or wages in rent and bills.

That’s a pretty penny.

If you can’t afford to get the best extended auto warranty, don’t settle for something less. If you’re not protected where you need to be, that could be like throwing away money.

Luckily, there are lots of affordable and low monthly payment plans from the best extended auto warranty companies.

Choose Your Service Provider

Life is all about choices, and so is buying a car. When you’re considering best extended auto warranty companies, make sure you choose one that lets you select your mechanic or garage.

You know who will work best on your car, and who will quote you fair prices.

You shouldn’t have to let your warranty company pick for you, especially if you’re not familiar with their service technicians.

A car is an extension of yourself, and your freedom of choice matters.

Money-Back Guarantee

The best extended car warranty companies will stand by their offerings. And you should know that if you’re not completely satisfied, they will make good on their promise to right their wrong.

The best extended warranty will come with a money-back guarantee.

Here’s hoping you never have to use it — but, again, the option should be all yours.

Full Coverage

Bumper to bumper coverage can bring you true peace of mind when you’re motoring around in your brand new car.

If you’re the type that knows you haven’t a clue about fixing cars, a bumper to bumper choice is probably the best extended warranty for you.

If you don’t think you need the full monty, look at the next steps down in coverage. The best extended auto warranty companies will have several levels of service, each covering dozens of car parts and scenarios.

Even if you don’t need bumper to bumper coverage, don’t skimp on your offerings. Many warranties offer roadside assistance or complimentary towing.

The best extended car warranty will let you ride easy.

Do An Honest Assessment of Your Car

It pays to know how reliable your car is, and how safe and well-maintained other cars like yours tend to be.

Many cars are built to withstand high mileage as their engines age, but others need constant tweaks, repairs, and replacement.

Do Your Research

Some of the top extended warranty companies are, in no particular order:

  • CarChex, an industry standard
  • AAA Auto Protection, a longtime favorite
  • Delta Auto-Protect, an affordable option
  • Warranty Direct, with its no-frills plans for all types of cars
  • Endurance, who offers several types of service plans

And there are many more!

Extended warranties could be offered by your car dealership, but are most often governed by third-party brokers. Ensure you have a reputable company with a low-cost warranty that’s right for you.

Make sure you find a well-reviewed and respected vehicle service provider or warrant company to work with. Utilize the power of third-party reviews, review sites, and Consumer Reports.

Some of the best extended car warranties come with roadside assistance, and you’d be smart to take that option if it’s affordable. Especially if you buy a used car, you might find yourself breaking down if you haven’t completely checked out what’s going on under the hood.

And who has time for that?

Check Your Credit

Some premium credit cards will offer roadside assistance and even extended car warranties.

Before you purchase an expensive service plan, make sure you don’t already have one!

Know Why Before You Buy

Know what motivates you as a consumer. Are you afraid you’ll break down? Worried about cost? Need a low monthly payment?

Be smart: Many people who purchase an extended warranty don’t use it, and it’s important to understand fully the potential value of your warranty of choice.

If you’re motivated by the peace of mind, finding the best extended car warranty could be exactly what’s right for you.

For example, new drivers and college-aged people who have their car for the first time on their own are also ripe for extended auto warranties. Parents near and far know they won’t have to worry about their child driving — and that peace of mind is priceless.

And remember: If you find a deal that sounds “too good to be true,” it probably is.

Keep Your Cool

One of the most important things to remember when shopping around for the best extended car warranties is that a reputable company will not pressure you into purchasing their service.

There are many honest and straightforward companies, and there are, unfortunately, some scammers.

If you feel like you’re being pressured into making a purchase on an extended auto warranty, you probably are.

Don’t feel bad hanging up, saying no, or asking for more time to decide.

Things to Watch Out For

You don’t want to respond to a telemarketer that’s trying to get you to switch or purchase an extended auto warranty.

And you’re better off not responding to direct mailers, either. Although these aren’t always bad guys, these are very easy ways scammers take advantage of vehicle owners.

Also, it’s vital that you know exactly what portions of your car your extended warranty or service contract covers, and what it doesn’t. If you have an older car, beware of pricey warranties that don’t cover what’s most likely to wear out or break.

Consumer Reports conducted a survey with results showing that a whopping 65% of people buying electronics were offered service plans. If this sounds like a hard sell, that’s because it is.

The Federal Trade Commission also warns people against predatory warranty companies.

Know what and why you need a vehicle service plan and don’t settle for less than the best extended car warranty.

There’s one easy way to avoid scam companies and overpayment…

Use a Reviewer

Last but not least, one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal is an online extended auto warranty companies reviewing tool.

These are third-party websites that make it easy for you to look into options available to you. It’s simple to compare and contrast plans with these helpful online resources.

Although there are many sites you can choose from, none are so easy to use and highly respected as BestCarWarrantyReviews.Com.

Additionally, it’s user-friendly and straightforward, providing you only the best in extended car warranties. You can request a quote or shop around using the site’s reviewing features. There is never any obligation to purchase. Check us out today!

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